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Designed for 2-100 Ongoing Flips

Looking for the right kind of insurance for Foreclosure Flips?  We have carriers and a dedicated insurance program just for you. We are experts and making sure you and your property are covered as you flip. We can guide and protect you through the following situations and more:

  • Need instant coverage
  • Adverse possession
  • Vacant
  • Only need coverage for a short period of time
  • Need the policy in the name of an LLC or include investors names


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Things to know about On-Line REO/Foreclosure Property Flip Insurance

For awhile many people were running this through standard agents like Farmers and State Farm – that sort of thing. But this is a higher risk property and these carriers were sustaining some huge losses because as the property is being rehabbed it is vacant.

Vacant properties are the highest risk property that there is. Also, when you buy a property at auction there are many times when the property is still occupied. Generally, the person doing the flip will offer what is called “Cash for Keys”. In general this will work but there is no standard insurance policy that covers this type of situation (Adverse Vacancy).

That is why the program we have for this type of business is perfect. It is designed for people who need to move fast. With this program you actually schedule your own property and the amount of insurance you want on each property.

  • Schedule your own properties on the automated system. Same day binding instant coverage.
  • Adverse possession no problem. Have a problem tenant you can’t get out – no problem. Property Vacant – No Problem.
  • Pay as you go. – If things are going right you want to be out of this property in 90 days. With the insurance your are billed monthly and everything is prorated to the day.
  • Need the policy in the name of an LLC? Have investors that need to be named as additional insureds? – No Problem.


Make sure you have the right kind of insurance for the type of business you are in.