homeowners insurance quotes for California residents from Your Good Insurance.com
homeowners insurance quotes for California residents from Your Good Insurance.com
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REO and Foreclosure Flips
(Designed for 2-100 Ongoing Flips)

Need the right kind of insurance for Foreclosure Flips?? We kind of found out about this market by the great demand our customers had for this type of insurance. In a nutshell here is the deal. When a person, LLC, or partnership is doing a foreclosure flip they have several issues they need to consider.

For awhile many people were running this through standard agents like Farmers and State Farm – that sort of thing. But this is a higher risk property and these carriers were sustaining some huge losses because as the property is being rehabbed it is vacant. Vacant properties are the highest risk property that there is. Also, when you buy a property at auction there are many times when the property is still occupied. Generally, the person doing the flip will offer what is called “Cash for Keys”. In general this will work but there is no standard insurance policy that covers this type of situation (Adverse Vacancy). That is why the program we have for this type of business is perfect. It is designed for people who need to move fast. With this program you actually schedule your own property and the amount of insurance you want on each property.

  1. Schedule your own properties on the automated system. Same day binding instant coverage.
  2. Adverse possession no problem. Have a problem tenant you can’t get out – no problem. Property Vacant – No Problem.
  3. Pay as you go. - If things are going right you want to be out of this property in 90 days. With the insurance your are billed monthly and everything is prorated to the day.
  4. Need the policy in the name of an LLC?? Have investors that need to be named as additional insureds – No Problem.

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  92101 San Diego Homeowners insurance 563
92102 San Diego Homeowners Insurance 350
92103 San Diego Home Insurance 600
92104 San Diego Home Insurance 450
92105 San Diego Homeowners Insurance 275
92106 San Diego Home Insurance
92107 San Diego Auto insurance 829
92108 San Diego hill areas more brush NA
92109 San Diego Mission 782
92110 diego
92111 san diego 92112
92113 san diego homeowners 306
92114 San Diego Apartment Owners 270
92115 San Diego High Value Home 360
92116 San Diego Dwelling 485
92117 Sand Diego Dwelling Insurance 430
92118 Coronado 1507
92119 San Diego Auto Insurance 415
92120 San Diego Home Insurance 525
92121 San Diego Property Insurance 725
92122 San Diego Property Insurance 620
92123 San Diego Wedding Insurance 421
92124 San Diego Wedding Insurance 530
92126 San Diego Homeowners Insurance 409
92127 San Diego Brushfires 811
92128 San Diego Brushfires 555
92129 San Diego Homeowners 602
92132 92133 92134 San Diego home insurance
92135 San Diego Apartment Owners Insurance
92136 San Diego Homeowners Insurance
92137 San Diego Wedding Insurance
92138 San Diego Dwelling Insurance
92139 San Diego Auto Insurance
92140 San Diego Homeowners insurance
92142 92143 Auto Insurance
92143 San Ysidro Auto Insurance
92145 San Diego Wedding Insurance
92147 San Diego Apartment Insurance
91901 Alpine homeowners median $530
91902 Bonita homeowners median $493
92149 San Diego Home Insurance
92150 San Diego Home Insurance
92152 San Diego
92153 San Diego Low Cost Homeowners
92154 San Diego Low Cost Home Insurance
92155 San Diego Accurate low cost insurance
92158 92159 92160 low cost insurance
92161 San Diego Wedding Insurance
92162 SAN DIEGO wedding insurance
92163 92164 San Diego Low Cost Insurance
92164 SAN DIEGO Home Insurance
92165 San Diego Auto Insurance
92166 San Diego Dwelling Insurance
92167 San Diego Personal Article Floaters
92168 92169 92170 Low Cost Homeowners
92171 San Diego
92172 San Diego Auto Insurance
92173 San Ysidro Low Cost Auto Insurance
92174 San Diego Low Cost Homeowners Insurance
92175 San Diego Low Cost Home Insurance
92176 San Diego Low Cost Auto Insurance
91904 Alpine homeowners median San Diego
91905 Boulvevard homeowners median $57
91906 Campo homeowners median $239
91908 Bonita homeowners median San Diego
91909 Chula Vista homeowners median
91910 Chula Vista homeowners median $366
91911 Chula Vista homeowners median $318
91912 Chula Vista homeowners median
91913 Chula Vista homeowners median
91914 Chula Vista homeowners median $554
91915 Chula Vista homeowners median $426
91916 Descanso homeowners median n/a
91917 Dulzura homeowners median $278
91921 Chula Vista homeowners median San
91931 Guatay homeowners median San Diego
91932 Imperial Beach homeowners median $375
91933 Imperial Beach homeowners median San
91934 Jucumba homeowners median $57
91935 Jamul San Diego Brushfires homeowners median $535
91941 La Mesa homeowners median $368
91942 La Mesa homeowners median $435
91943 La Mesa homeowners median San Diego
91944 La Mesa homeowners median San Diego

  91945 Lemon Grove homeowners median $274
92177 San Diego Low Cost Auto Insurance
92178 Coronado High Value Home Insurance
92179 San Diego Low Cost Homeowners
92182 San Diego Wedding Insurance
92184 San Diego Low Cost
92186 San Diego Home Value Insurance
92187 San Diego Low Cost Value Insurance
92190 San Diego Dwelling Insurance
92191 San Diego Wedding Insurance
91946 Lemon Grove homeowners median
91947 Lincoln Acres home value medianSan Diego
91948 Mount Laguna home value median
91950 National City home value median $260
9060 Palomar Mountain home value median $150
91962 Pine Valley home value median $276
91963 Potrero Home value median $N/A
91976 Spring Valley home value median
91977 Spring Valley home value median $273
91978 Spring Valley home value median $476
91979 Spring Valley home value median
91980 Tecate home value median San Diego
91987 Tecate home value medianSan Diego
91990 Potrero home value median San Diego
92003 Bonsall home value median $428
92004 Borrego Springs home value median $250
92007 Cardiff by the Sea median $1,125
92008 Carlsbad home value median$718
92009 Carlsbad home value median $710
92010 Carlsbad home value median $599
92011 Carlsbad home value median $737
92013 Carlsbad home value median San Diego
92014 Del Mar home value median $1,169
92018 Carlsbad homeowners median San Diego
92019 El Cajon homeowners median $398
92020 El Cajon homeowners median $336
92021 El Cajon homeowners median $325
92022 El Cajon homeowners median San Diego
92023 Encinitas homeowners median San Diego
92024 Encinitas homeowners median $695
92025 Escondidio $375
92026 Escondido homeowners median $375
92027 Escondido homeowners median $310 310
92028 Fallbrook homeowners median $494 92029 Escondido homeowners median$482
92030 Escondido homeowners median San Diego
92033 Escondido homeowners median San Diego 92036 Julian homeowners median $159
92037 La Jolla homeowners median $1,325
92038 La Jolla homeowners median San Diego
92039 La Jolla homeowners median San Diego
92040 Lakeside homeowners median $412
92046 Escondido homeowners median San Diego
92049 Oceanside homeowners median San Diego
92051 Oceanside homeowners median San Diego
92052 Oceanside homeowners median San Diego
92054 Oceanside homeowners median $491
92055 Camp Pendelton homeowners median
92056 Oceanside homeowners median $375
92057 Oceanside homeowners median $343
92059 Pala homeowners median San Diego
92061 Pauma Valley homeowners median
92064 Poway homeowners median $475
92065 Ramona homeowners median $417
92066 Ranchita homeowners median $N/A
92067 Rancho Sante Fe median $2,000
92068 San Luis Ray homeowners median
92069 San Marcos homeowners median $381
92070 Santa Ysebel homeowners median $N/A
92071 Santee homeowners median $366
92072 Santee homeowners median San Diego
92074 Poway homeowners median San Diego
92075 Solana Beach homeowners median $1,372
92078 San Marcos homeowners median $533
92079 San Marcos homeowners median
92081 Vista homeowners median $413
92082 Valley Center homeowners median $550
92083 Vista homeowners median $303
92084 Vista homeowners median $367
92085 Vista homeowners median San Diego
92086 Warner Springs homeowners median $418
92088 Fallbrook homeowners median San Diego
92030 Escondido homeowners median San Diego
92033 Escondido homeowners median San Diego
92036 Julian homeowners median $159